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Need An Opinion On Spoiled Strike Vs Killing Blow.



The advantages of both are straight forward, but this is the build I am conflicted on:



Ideally I'd want both, but I am using a life-strike build relying on my HP so, yeah sue me or something... 


Both options seem potent.

Spoiled Strike:
100%+ more base damage, no need to channeling to be effective. 

20% - Attack Speed, less burst damage, if you have slow animations you're a sitting duck more than you would be with KB. 


Killing Blow:

+ From 50% to 110% channeling damage.

- Needs channeling to be effective, drains energy. 

If I am to believe Warframe Builder, my burst damage with the KB build would be 1333. Spoiled strike would be less. 


Then there's taking Crimson Dervish 300%+ damage to consider... 


Give me your opinion. 


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Spoiled Strike adds about 45% damage, with a -15% attack speed, working out to ~23% DPS

Killing Blow adds 40% damage to all channeled strikes with no combo multiplier, but wont effect non channel strikes.


So really, it depends on how often you intend to channel.


Also, I would consider removing Shocking Touch and installing both of the above. ST adds only 19.35% DPS.

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Crimson Dervish will only add that huge damage bonus when you are wielding your melee weapon directly. So it goes back into that "How often you intend to channel" thing that Darzk said. If you are only doing quick attacks, lose the life strike, go with spoiled strike, voltaic strike, fever strike, and whatever else you can cram in there for raw damage. Maybe Beserker if you like a bit of a gamble though I prefer reliability.   On the other hand, if you are focusing on your sword as your primary weapon and love your life strike, then you NEED to add reflex coil to drive down the channeling cost. Not really optional.  In both cases there is no point in using Shocking Touch or North Wind since these are very expensive, low-return element cards. Use Molten if you find yourself with an empty slot; fire isn't a bad element.

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Ah yeah, I forgot, The Cold should be swapped to Fire as well. 


A lot of people will say 'oh but Cold does +50% to shields' but if you think about it, that only makes it +90%, which is the same as Molten Impact.


Generally there's two builds I use when I want LS.


The first when channeling every attack:

SS+PP, Fury, 2x elements, Killing Blow, Reflex Coil, and Rank 0 Life Strike



The second when only channeling (or even only meleeing) when I need health:

SS+PP, Fury, Zerker if crit > 10% (and I intend to melee for more than heals), 4x Elements (or 3x and Smite), Rank 3 Life Strike



Notice that once you're at 2 stacks of Zerker you're doing more DPS with the second build, and having no energy cost. This also gives you a higher channel damage if you channel for heavy strikes within a combo. The latter is my personal preference, although the first is nice for channel-and-forget simplicity.

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