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What's The Most Efficient Way To Level Up A Vauban?



Before anyone says it, yes I know that Infested Dark Sectors are the way to go, especially for Vauban.

But for a Vauban that isn't properly modded and can't spam Vortex or Bastille yet, he isn't really useful until I install the right mods on him.


I have the proper weapons to bring along while trying to level him up but he is extremely squishy and vulnerable against any factions other than the Infested.

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You just gotta leech for a bit on Sechura, Pluto.


Usually, there always is another Vauban playing there, so just hop on a crate and let him do the work. Out of courtesy, let him/her know that you're trying to level up and that you won't be very effective. 

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