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Cashing Out - Selling Event Mods And Lvl 10 Mods

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I am cashing out of Warframe. I want to get some value out of my gear so I am selling my event mods and level 10 mods.


I am not accepting platinum - only PSN cards.  I am an honest guy and you have my PSN name anyway for accountability.


It seems most of this good stuff goes for around 1,000 platinum each. I just looked and that cost in dollars is about $50.


Here is the list of stuff I am selling.


Tethras Doom set (electric mods) - $30

Cicero set (poison) - $30

Level 10 vitality (war frame) - $30

Level 10 Redirection (war frame) - $30

Level 10 Redirection (sentinel) - $30

Level 10 Steel Fiber (war frame) - $30

Level 10 Serration (I have 2) - $30 each

Level 10 Hornet Strike - $30


Discounts for multiple purchases and I will also unload other rare mods with any purchase



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Pretty sure you not supposed to trade for real money, at least not on the forums or in the chats in-game.  But if you want to trade the Cicero set for an ammo drum and help another player out before you leave send me a message, because I would like to have it, or any of the others if your looking to get rid of them, but I have no cash to spend.

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