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Codex Entry For Prime Gear Drop Location


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An codex entry for the prime gear drop location would one of the best things.


I have to alt+tab the game to go on the forum to search the forum to find the post of the prime gear drop location for something I want to farm then go back to the game.


This is impossible for me as I run a low and pc and when I alt+tab my pc crashes, so I have to close the game, search the forum then start the game again. Even for a good pc alt+tab+forum search is a lot of time waste and impractical.

Ok we could use the steam in-game browser...but that thing is slower a snail...also PS players don't have steam as I recall...and steam interface still doesn't work for 64bit.


Having an in-game option to see those drop tables will speed things up and also will be more logical..


I said codex entry, but it can be anywhere you want, as long as there is an in-game option...


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print the list on a sheet of paper ?


I believe you're missing the point.


The Codex should have a better use as some kind of information-gathering place. Even DE wanted to put forward the Codex as such a thing, which is why they add more and more information in it as time goes on.


Back then, drop tables were gathered by the community, so we trusted those information on the forums and wiki to know where to farm certain Prime parts. However, DE is now releasing the Prime drop table officially, so in that sense, there's no reason why it couldn't be included in the codex for convenience's sake.

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De said that drops tables would go in the codex eventually. However they have made no progress on this at all. 


Codex development progress has stagnated to the point where the mag prime codex entry was considered a "Big update" (quote from Steve on livestream 29  believe).




For the time being just think of that as "in" the codex... its from lotus... sort of...


(EDIT: Wow that post was released in February)

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The more useful the codex is, the better I say. Though there should be one stipulation as far as i'm concerned. the drop tables should be limited to where you actually went in the void and how far you got (T4Survival Rotation C would be blocked off until you actually go to Tower 4 Survival and play till rotation C for example)

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