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War Reavers Are Recruiting (Need Active Players)


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Welcome players, this is the recruitment thread for all who is worthy to join a clan. Requirements are simple:

· must be active (10days inactive will trigger termination)

· must contribute to the dojo

· must be willing to communicate with other clan members, we are clan friendly

this clan is all about helping other members achieve what they couldn't do on thier own, as of now we don't contend in solor rails cause they are a waste of time and resources. are dojo has everything except a obsticle course (wich isn't needed), at least 80% of research in all labs are done. everything in the dojo is easy access.

if your wondering about the clan emblem then yes, we have a custom clan emblem ready for all members to obtain. for future reference we will start hosting clan contests just make sure you vheck the MOTD frequently.

ok teno become a war reaver today

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