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Pacific Gaming (Large Gaming Community Starting Warframe Branch)


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Hello and welcome, and thanks for checking us out. Pacific Gaming is a group that has been playing games together for almost a decade now. We pride ourselves on being good at what we do, and we've recently been expanding to a slew of new games.


Clan Tag: PGN

Website: http://npowned.net/forum/


Benefits of joining:


•An in-game clan for Warframe serious enough to fulfill your most hardcore desires without losing sight of the fun spirit of the game.


•People to play other games with, from PC to consoles, any game you can name


•A very active community growing by the day


•Twitch.tv and YouTube support for your brag reels and awesome moments you want to share


•Competitions and Giveaways


•Social Media opportunities if you're into that




To join Pacific Gaming's Warframe branch


•Rank 2 account level


•Continued activity


•Desire to improve and run missions


To join Pacific Gaming's larger community


•We're reasonable folks, just apply!


If you have any questions, comments, or concerns regarding the clan, the community, or anything else, don't hesitate to contact one of us via PM or responding to this thread. Thank you for your time, and o7

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