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Session Joining Really Needs A Fix


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So I'm trying to get new people into the game, 'cause I'm leader of a small clan and I've put a lot of hours into trying to unlock things but I find myself going through this same series of events again and again.



Me: Wanna play a few missions? I know you're busy but it'll only take a few minutes.

Them: Sure, I've got time.

Me: Okay, so I've got a session - sending you an invite.

Them: Okay, got it... and it failed. Resend?

Me: Okay, resent.

Them: Still nothing. Try again?

Me: Okay. Now?

Them: No... let me try creating a session and sending you an invite.

Me: Okay. Got it... nope, won't connect.

Them: Alright, let's try re-logging.

*5 minutes later*

Them: Okay, now it's saying you're not even in a session. 

Me: Well, I am... I can see the lobby.

Them: Well, I'll keep trying to join.

*another 5 minutes later*

Them: Okay, finally got in your group. Let's go- oh wait. I've gotta go now. Sorry. Maybe play some other time.

Me: Okay... :'(


Tl;Dr: Session joining is broken.


I actually think this is probably a really easy fix. My suggestion would be to add an automatic retry on the connection, which would likely fix most instances of having to repeatedly manually retrying to get into a lobby. The fact we can eventually connect leads me to suspect it's not a ports or client-side issue - it's likely the server struggling to track sessions. 


A multiplayer game which you can't play multiplayer with your friends is doomed to fail, and from what I hear I'm not the only one suffering here by far.

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I've had similar problems, but one major one I can think of is something with a certain friend/clan member of mine.  I can join their sessions if they're hosting, but she can't join if I host.  And, if for some reason the game decides after she starts the group and we start a mission that I should be the one hosting, she gets kicked and can't rejoin.

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