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Laggy Host = No Rewards At The End Of The Match


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First post, hi guys.

Bad news, I was running a T3 Survival with my clan, we got to 40min.

Match was considerably laggy, probably due to my ping and server hosts ping.

Items were dropping, rare mods, 5min rewards were rhino prime stuff, lex, sicarus etc. even and orokin cell.

At the end it got to crazy lag. And one of us managed to get to extraction.

However, when we 'completed' the mission, the ui was the old ui, and the player names didn't show up.

Only PLAYER_NAME and empty icons. No rewards were shown at the end either.

Here's where it gets worse.

I go back to my main menu, no credits.

Arsenal > mods, no mods

Inventory, none of the blueprints or the items.

My weapons didn't even get XP.

As incredibly frustrating at this is - basically wasted 40 minutes on the game with nothing to show for it - i hope this gets sorted so it doesn't happen to others.

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