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Vanguard Helmet?



I thought the Vanguard Helmet for Rhino had its stats deleted from what I read on the wiki, yet I saw someone running as fast as flash and when I asked him how he did that he said it was his helmet.


1) Do helmets still have their stats?


2) Is there any way to get it without trading? Or paying money?

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If you crafted your stat helmets before they removed them from the game, you would still have them now.

I managed to craft all the helmets before the change hit. So only the ones you made before that will still retain their stats.

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1 - Helmets that were bought/crafted before the change still have their stats.  These are labeled "Arcane".


2 - If you don't have an arcane helmet or BP, the only way to get it is from trading since they were removed from the market even.

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Honestly, if you don't know how the use the trade chat then you don't need an Arcane Vanguard Rhino Helmet yet.

Honestly, I think i deleted it when I firtst started playing because of how annoying it was. That tab no longer shows in my chat window.

Honestly, I didn't know I would ever come back to playing this game like 6 months later.

Honestly, I think a kid with his parents' credit card who has only played for a day is as ready as you or anyone else to have that helmet.

Honestly, I know I asked the wrong question and it lacked information, but that doesnt mean you have to act like an &#!.

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