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Coming Soon: Devstream #31!


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Coming Soon: Devstream #31!      


Who? Tune in to watch Geoff, Scott, Sheldon, and Steve join Rebecca on the couch to talk all things Warframe!

What? Devstream #31 will cover many community questions about Warframe, as well as include tons of discussion on what’s coming down the pipeline! Don’t miss it!

Where? Join us at twitch.tv/Warframe.

When? On Friday, June 20th @ 2 PM EDT! Find your timezone at www.worldtimebuddy.com.


Please post your questions in this thread! Thread closes at 10:00AM EDT on June 20th!  


See you there, Tenno!

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The only question I have and the only thing I know we all want to know is concerning drop tables....you know we want to know where your decision on the drop tables for 13.7 came from. What influenced you to dilute the drop tables further and not spread them out instead?

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Ipad Scott, or regular?


Q: The Suspicious Shipments sparked some confusion and anticipation among the community, and even Lotus told us to "prepare" until Alad V made his next move. Has Alad V made his move yet?


Edit: That kinda got answered already, so I'll add a new question:

Q: Who is that Warframe featured in the event mods?

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Lots of feedback around the forums came up with good ideas to further add depth to the Eximus units, especially when certain ones have questionable balance (such as Shock Eximus, whose name is completely wrong in relation to his power).


Related topics:




Will Eximus ever get revisions on their powers? Additionally, should they be their own "super unit" like the future Juggernaut, with unique models as well, instead of a rescaled and reskin unit?

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When will we be able to further customize gameplay mechanics, such as the Crosshair/UI color schemes and/or shape? It's bothered me for a while now that it's locked as something so simple, when it could be pretty interesting.  Clan emblem...perhaps?



Also, we need the firing range for the dojo.  Dream rooms galore. 


Will there be ranged weapons you can put on your Kubrows, instead of them being a melee-only berserker?  Laser cannon on it's back?  Giant Machine Guns?


What customization options will be available with the new Kubrows, and how will it be affected by the cosmetics i've already purchased for my sentinel? I don't want all my hard-earned platinum spent on those cosmetics to feel wasted when all I use in the future is a kubrow.  What are your plans for this?

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Token System? Token System. I'm glad we agree!


Will the Focus system be coming in Update 14? as a mastery rank 16 player who has pretty much done it all, I really hope it is.


Any word on HUD Customization? (its still too small even with scaling maxed out in my opinion) and even just having the ability to swap HUD elements like the location of the mini map with the health/shield display would be very nice.

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Hey, so I've asked this a few times now, with no disrespect meant(of course!) I was wondering, since you guys have been working on warframe for over a year now, I was wondering what your plans were involving other games. I do not mean completely leaving warframe, and i definitely do not mean any disrespect to the game, but eventually there just isn't any more to add to a game(nowhere near close here). If you already have a plan for another game what might it be? thank you!

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With the Kubrows incoming, will it be possible for us to have our own Zanuka/Hyena-type proxy companion at some point?

Any degree of customization we could know about the Kubrows?

Are the frames that have been recently 'rebalanced' still up for changes (Like Ash)? And who is down on the chopping block right now?

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how do you feel about the current status of frost? and would you put back in the freeze bug that frosts avalanche had when using range mods?


also when will you redo the past prime frames like frost and Excalibur visually and will you go back and redo all prime frames from before rhino to be statistically better than their normal counter parts?

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Question for Scott..

When will the Sniper Rifles be buffed? The basic Weapon Status mods (Aptitude, Prowess, etc) be buffed as promised? How much would you like to make us suffer upon reading the many nerf and complaint threads? Is there any way that the Fangs and Fang Primes could be given their speed back? They were neutered with Melee 2.0. Perhaps buffing the Fury mod back to 60% Speed, considering that the Corrupted mod ends up taking 20% out of your 30%? Just a small hope.


Question for Sheldon..

Would it be possible for you and Skree to Hijack an episode of PrimeTime, and call it TrollTime? Would it be an option to entirely remove Warframe Ability mods from the enemy droplist, and add them into the Market?


Question for Geoff..

Are we still lifting? Will there be any more animations added to the Nikana's, or stances? Are more stances on the way for all weapons across the board?


Question for Steve..

With VoidVor talking as if he has gone Religion of the Void, will we be seeing any more Lore coming Soon? Will pink shorts make a return?


Question for Rebecca..

How is it handling the massive unruly community on the forums? Are there days that are facepalm worthy, or entertaining, like speculation days? Will the Lotus be getting any more upcoming important parts other than a Tenno version of Navi?



That is all for now. Thank you most kindly.

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Do you have any plans to address falloff on purely damage-based Warframe abilities (ie Fireball, Psychic Bolts, etc.), so damage-focused frames or abilities can be attractive for more than just stuns in higher level content, rather than just being outclassed by a well-modded gun or sword?


The recent Suspicious Shipment alerts have caused some concern regarding Trinity’s ability to maintain team survivability in high damage content, especially in light of Blessing’s mitigation becoming reactive. Do you feel this is a valid concern for healers, more of a statement about enemy damage, or an intended outcome?


Do you collect statistics on how many times X frame was used for Y mission type? If so, are you surprised by any trends, and how has that influenced your balance decisions thus far?


We've been told that Oberon in particular is next under the microscope. Any progress on him and/or other frames (Nekros, Saryn) at this time?


Can we have a preview of the next Warframe's theme/abilities (like we did with Hydroid)? How well can we expect its abilities to synergize, both with one another and other frames?


(I asked in Devstream 27, and it was brought up by Rebecca, but it wasn’t actually answered – Scott even ran away) –

When can we expect to see the first iteration of universal ability mods, and what can we expect made the cut?

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Nice! I have a lot of questions (please feel free to pick some,I tried to get as many repeated questions as I could).... :)


1) Quick look at the upcoming content? Next frames, tilesets,etc?

2) What about the focus system?

3) What about the Proxy wars?

4) Stealth 2.0? Alternate paths, ways of distracting the enemies, light/shadow mechanic,hang on edges...

5) Lore / Story mode?Vor's prize,The Queens, the Red Veil,possible civilians, these fascinating codex entries(just read Ember's one man!)

6) Endgame?

7) Melee contest winner weapons? (Silva & aegis,the tonfas,the spear...)

8) Enemy concept winner units?

9) The new Valkyr's hysteria rework in action?

10) The ambient music you told us about during your sound special devstream?

11) The emotes you showed us in a previous devstream?

12) More informations & showcases about the players ships & the kubrows? (Will we be able to give them simple orders,for instance?Will the kub's get some skins, like a lion-mane,a corpus armor...Will they be the only pets with the sentinels? A sort of eagle or the vukture from your artwork flying by your side would be mad!)

13) What about the sentients?

14) New AI behaviours,tactics & ways to defend themselves against our OP powers? (*cough*notionphil*cough*)

15) New cutscenes when entering/leaving a mission? (referring to the xbox one trailer)

16) What are you planning to do to reduce the grind/RNG/farm?

17) Moves/Parkour 2.0? We're ninja/kunoichi, and right now the movements don't seem to be really fluid.

18) Are you planning to add more regular mission types into the void?

19) What other frame reworks are you planning to do? (poor Nekros, damned to desecrate for eternity & spawning simple-minded AI...Who ever equipped psychic bolts?)

20) Turrets?

21)[ Is it possible to have vehicles/enemy ships encounters in large tilesets?]

22) [Nunchuks,rapier & dual Sai?(not clan tech please)]

23) What are you planning to do to improve the beginners experience?

24) Is it imaginable that some warframe fan concepts will be implemented into the game one day? I talk about Typhus,Myst,Vespa,Dragon & that feral frame of course.

25) When are the ability mods being put in the market (for credits of course)?

26) Will we get other normal units corrupted versions into the void? Is it possible that they all get a corrupted version?

27) You did a grineer,corpus & infested enemy concept event. Why not a void one?

28) Will we get a knockdown recovery system one day?

29) When are we getting the clothes physics for Trinity's lobster skirt,Frost & Volt?(We saw it in the Sword Alone trailer, and we still remember....)

30) Who is the next prime frame? Nyx or Optimus(I know it'll be a female but still)?

31)When the Hek are you going to add Grate prime?!!We 've waited for ages, I'm fed up D.E. ...C'mon!!

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For DE in general: When will we be seeing old and dated mechanics become properly fleshed out and utilized without the inclusion of mods and our limited mod capacity? Things like Parry, Handspring, and Stamina mods. Many players are dissatisfied that this has been your solution to fixing broken mechanics as a bandaid fix, as the term 'bandaid mod' suggests. 


This is made all the worse by our limited modding options. 


In other words, when will things the bandaid mods cover be implemented as actual mechanics that either require skill or that are innate mechanics every player has ready access to?


As for Sheldon: What happened with void dilution and do you actually intend to fix it so that every player can actually get what they want in a reasonable and fair fashion?

Drop tables are concerning in general and could use an honest statement as opposed to "I'm working on it." Please tell us what you're actually doing and how you plan to go about this serious issue. 


-and finally, for all of DE yet again:


What does DE have to say on the matters brought to everyones attention and the points made in the thread started by DiablousUrsus?


"Devstream 30: An Unexpectedly Large Blow To My Hopes For The Game"


Found here:



-and does DE plan to do anything about the complaints voiced over the energy draining Eximus units such as the Shock and Parasitic/Energy Leech Eximus? 

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