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Need A Mag Build



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this would be what i'd usually use for Mag.


i don't use her often though, normally only against Corpus, and with groups that can get Enemies to be relatively clustered.



if you plan to use Mag against Corrupted (which isn't that great, but can work okay), you'll definitely want to have atleast 1, preferably 2 or more Corrosive Projections.


and Bullet Attractor is an alternative playstyle, just remember that normally wants some Duration so you'd want to find room for Duration Mods in there as well as everything else.

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Here's my go-to build http://goo.gl/OlC9tl


If you don't want to use bullet attractor switch out the constitution and bullet attractor for other mods of choose, the important part of the build is to get more than or equal to +100% power strength, for full shield restores as well as nuking corpus, or anything with a shielded unit nearby.


I have personally never used crush, I find its power and range lacking and the CC aspect pathetic.

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there are some good builds in this thread, so as a primary mag player, i just give you an advice:


don't use crush, EVER. i can't imagine a single situation, where a crush is better then 4 pulls. pull has more range, short cast time, and ragdolling emenies 4 times lasts way longer then the crush, and you can shoot/move while they are on the ground. and on high level the damage doesn't really matter, but 4 pull does 1200, and the crush does only 1000.


so everything that crush can do, pull does better.

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