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About The Dual Heat Swords...


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They were dual-wielded. 

They radiated heat.

And they were both big-&#! swords.


Now they're changed back, and personally, I think they were way better in that short period of time when they were both long swords.

So...I'm calling on the community. 

Did you guys like it more in the old, sword+knife version or the sword+sword version?


If the dual swords combo wins...might we start a poll to get it changed back?

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I liked the Dual Heat Swords better as twin shortswords, as opposed to Sword + Dagger. I think the Dual Skana should be the same. I think the Dual Ether and most of the other Dual Swords weapons are fine as Sword + Dagger combos. 

I understand that it's pretty cool to have a sword + dagger because that was a fairly common practice - main weapon and defensive off-hand, and I like the Nami Skyla the way it is. I think it'd be nice to have a mix of both across different weapons, though. 


As tocorro mentioned, they just needed to fix the clipping issues with the second sword by adjusting the holstering position a bit. 

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I see no reason not to have the Sword/Sword version.  Personally, I was less fond of the shorter weapons you get with Dual Skana, Dual Ether, etc.


If necessary, you could make it a "skin" like they did with Manticore/Brokk that also have an effect on the weapon (the hammer/axe skins being able to effect things like speed/stamina-drain/damage, etc.).  

I'd like an option of that sort for most of the dual sword weapons (Skana, Ether, Heat) if it were available.  It looks cooler.

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I wouldn't mind if the current dual heat swords stuck around, but were renamed to allow for full-sized dual heat swords.


realism-wise it would make sense to make the current heat sword+dagger combo make parrying more effective since that's the point of having a smaller blade in the off-hand.

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