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Bladestorm Unables Finishers


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Last I checked, finishers aren't exactly the greatest thing.

It's mostly eye-candy, which you should already get from using Bladestorm (But thankfully, not too much candy that makes you useless for the next 10 seconds).


They might not be great (dmg wise) but I enjoy pulling them off, even if bladestorm is already an eye-candy.

If you don't think finishers is great then that's your opinion but that will not help solve this matter.

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It seems like the system/coding or something can't handle the animations correctly or something. I keep seeing a lot of threads/comments about BS being bugged. 


Maybe they should scrap the move altogether and redo it?


At least a few members have suggested a Hysteria + Slash Dash-esk, Shinobi Ninjitsu type move and I tend to agree. I mean that is who Ash was modeled after, so why not do it? His Noble Animation says it all (stands just like Shinobi for playstation 1).

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