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Dea Clan; Looking To Recruit And Get Help!


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Hello, there. I'm not too old, nor too new at Warframe. I started back in January, upon getting a PS4 (because I do not have enough for a high-tech PC) anyway, I'm looking to build my clan. I have a few members, lame, but we work as a whole team. I alone had started and I already have a Biolab, Combat Room, trading post, and so on. Right now we are working on installing the other research rooms. Aside that, what our clan does is help other plays, new or veteran, and explore. We tend to get Tower Keys and play through those, exchange our rewards, and dedicate to building. We also Stalk the Stalker. 


But if anyone is interested in joining, just message me on PSN, DRBhylian, and I will be open to answer any questions or pulling in new members.


c: - the Dak

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