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Warframe: 1347 [Ooc]


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Here goes nothing.

So some dude posted a picture of Excalibur as a medieval knight, and I was all like:

"What if there was a Warframe AU in the middle Ages?"

What follows is the result of a couple sleepless hours on a plane from Zurich.

It is the year 1347, and the civilized world is on the brink of collapsing.

The Mongols, once driven back by angry citizens, have returned in force under the Twin Queens, Siamese twin daughters of the most recent Kahn. They have rallied their forces once more under a new name – the Grineer. It seemed that, upon the election of the Queens, the Barbarians grew more – barbaric. They returned from the steppes which they had fled, armed with primitive but nasty weapons. Even now, they rampage across the Muslim states, with technology and supplies from the entirety of Asia backing them up. No one knows how they came into possession of their numbers, even more than the horde of the first Kahn himself – millions upon millions trampling the dirt from miles away, masters of the wasteland and all its devilish powers.

Meanwhile, in Europe, the Vatican’s newest Pope – Frohd Bek III – has taken on a great campaign of holy oppression. His Inquisition has visited almost every kingdom on the continent, and extracted great tithes from the kings to line their coffers. Europe is now united under a religious dictatorship, and it looks as though it will get no better; Mysterious “robotics”, steel machines brought to life by unknown hands, are the new weapons of the Church Corpus, and it’s said no-one can stand in their way.

The heretic Alad V, once Chief Inquisitor, famed for his exotic and grotesque abominations of man, has recently been ejected from the Board of Inquisitors, for experiments even they would not carry out. He took men, mutilated them, cut them up, and then fused them into a hellhound protected by robotic armor – Zanuka. Although his whereabouts are unknown now, rumors say he’s sold his soul to a demon for power over all life…

The Plague continues to ravage the civilized world, but now it has taken on a new form, so it seems. Instead of merely killing, it now twists its host into a monster, unrecognizable by the eyes of man. Apparently this flesh-warping pestilence is intelligent; it seems to gather its victims in abandoned towns, perhaps as a mockery to life once lived. Those who have survived their swarming forms tell tales of aggregate beasts, many victims twisted into one monster, a tale of a “Golem”. What this new Infestation will do next remains to be seen.

Out of this darkness has come the Lotus, a mysterious woman with a covered face, supposedly from the Far East. She has built a new order known as the Tenno. Great warriors of no faction have begun to serve under her command, ready to rebuild an ancient empire known as “Orokin”.

These Tenno fight evil for those who cannot. They possess powers that are best defined as ‘superhuman’, and a knowledge of killing known as ‘Terrifying’. And their armor, forged from steel not of this earth, is what has unlocked this potential.

This armor is called a Warframe.


Lotus: Who knows? She comes to the Tenno and makes them Tenno. She might be from the East, but no-one’s telling.

Excalibur: The first Tenno, a knight in shining armor. Born in Britain, he’s said to be related to the bloodline of King Arthur. He is the de facto leader of the Tenno knights.

Rhino: A powerful brute from Mali, in Africa, Rhino is a master of himself and his seemingly unlimited strength.

Loki: A reformed Norwegian thief, Loki is a master of deception and stealth, said to sneak past enemies in plain sight through methods not understood even by his fellow criminals.

Frost: A Norse chieftain from Greenland, Frost was there when the colony succumbed to the Infestation, and is the only known survivor. He takes his power from the glaciers he grew up among, though he talks little of his experiences there.

Hydroid: A scurvy sailor, Hydroid is the master of the unknown depths. Rumor has it that he was once thrown overboard by Trition himself, and returned “with the mastery of the waves”.

Ash: Originally trained as a ninja, Ash is elusive, a shadow that many are not sure even exists.

Trinity: Trinity was originally a nurse in the crusades, but left the church after its corruption. She is a master of the healing arts, kind, motherly, and willing to give a hand to those in need no matter what their god is.

Ember: A fiery spirit from Scotland, Ember was the wife of a Byzantine engineer who developed the infamous “Greek fire”; she now uses its recipe to scorch her foes away.

Valkyr: A young girl who was tortured by the Inquisition for Thor-worship, Valkyr is said to have been so thoroughly broken she’s immune to pain.

Saryn: Originally from Angkor, Saryn is a master of plants and all their deadly toxins.

Mag: Born in Arabia, Mag’s able to master a mysterious force known as “Etheric Compulsion”, believed to be related to the forces utilized by Volt.

Volt: An Chinaman who developed a ceramic battery, Volt uses his electrical powers in a hope to restore Peking, his hometown, to its former glory.

Zephyr: A Byzantine, Zephyr is said to have leaped from the walls of Constantinople and survived, thanks to her powers over the winds.

Nekros: A somber Egyptian scholar obsessed with the occult arts, Nekros is said to have gleaned his powers from a mysterious golden tower in the desert he calls Orokin…

Vauban: A brilliant French engineer; old, kind of creepy, but brilliant.

Nova: Originally Vauban’s assistant, Nova got her powers from the stars themselves after a freak accident involving "the splitting of the aether itself".

Nyx: A young Englishwoman, Nyx is a master of psychology and the mind, and has used that to subdue her normally excitable nature into something much more calm.

Banshee: Born blind in Polynesia, Banshee is said to possess ears keen enough to hear around the world.

Oberon: A druid? A priest? Either way, he’s Irish, and seems to be guided by a god.

Mirage: Once a lady jester for the court of England, Mirage uses alchemy to harness the power of light.


Limbo: Said to be a mystic of the highest caliber. No-one knows exactly where Limbo came from, and he seems intent on keeping it that way.


The Twin Queens: Sexy Mongolian ladies.

General Sargas Ruk: Ruk is one of the few “Honorable” Grineer, though that doesn’t stop him from defacing archaeological sites and burning whole cities to the ground with “Mongol Fire”.

Captain Ughril Vor: Vor is obsessed with the technology of the ancients, and incorporates much of what he finds into his personal arsenal. Having led an expedition to Egypt, he may have found the lost city that Nekros got his powers from.

Tyl Regor: Regor is a sadistic Chinese scientist and ex-Shaolin Monk who seeks to build the “ultimate man”, and saw his opportunity when the Grineer took his city. He seeks to make the Grineer, marred by disease and poor hygiene as they are, into more clean folk; no doubt this would cut barbarian casualties greatly.

Vay Hek: An impassionate speechmaker, Vay Hek is the glue holding the horde together; convincing them to put aside their differences and work for the common evil. That’s not to say he’s a weakling, though. He’s one of the first to use “Fire sticks”, the first guns, and has begun to develop the firearm into the ultimate weapon.

Kela De Thaym: A northern barbarian who contributes the Russians to the unstoppable Grineer horde.

Lech Kril: An armored menace, Lech Kril is always at the forefront of the horde as a tactical master, plowing through cities said “impenetrable” like crushing insects.

Church Corpus:

Pope Bek III: The most corrupt Pope there ever was, if ever a wiz there was there was I’m going to stop now.

Sargent Nef Anyo: A venerable veteran of the Crusades, Nef Anyo is a sociopath with a penchant for killing anyone who is not of his skin color.

Derf Anyo: The proud son of Nef, this Anyo admires the Tenno and, as a young knight-errant, seeks to reform chivalry to combat the Tenno, and perhaps be their equal.

Darvo: The illegitimate son of Pope Beck, Darvo has gotten himself a job as the Tenno's weapon supplier.

Alad V: Said to have taken up residence on the Faeroe Islands, where he continues experiments unholy in nature.

Now the problem is there's only one Tenno per armor - nineteen "slots", I suppose. You say "I want Hydrioid" before anyone else, you get Hydroid. I'm doing this as a reasonable limit, and perhaps to test your own creative writing skills.

But I don't want to be overbearing here. If you want your Tenno to be different than what I described that's fine.

So say who you want to be, and once the slots are filled, we'll go off on this discrepant adventure of ours.
Excalibur: Yours truly.

Mag: Lady_Viper.

Loki: Exoteran.

Rhino: TBD.

Frost: thelastpwnr99.

Ember: Psychotoxin.

Saryn: Sadisticnerd, though his status is in jeopardy.

Nyx: SnaleKing.

Banshee: Astralin.

Hydroid: Y0she.

Valkyr: Spikey844.

Ash: Drakeardian.

Trinity: ArunaFeltz - is leaving this march. If you're up for playing our dear healer let us know before then, if you please.

Volt: Temperance000.

Zephyr: Zeus154.

Nekros: MeatMage.

Oberon: fishworshipper.

Nova: Another lost soul. We encourage joining recently vacated slots, btw.

Vauban: Achaix.

Mirage: MetroFallout.

Limbo: MasterDread.

Update: Laying down some behavioral ground rules.

1. Do not insult other individuals or talk about them behind their back, in the OOC or the Chatango. Behind every icon is a human being just like you, so take that into account.

2. Rape was brought up in one recent post. This is no longer acceptable. A story can be told without explicit sexual content. Anyone who brings up rape, describes sex or implies sexual activity severely - the margins are narrow, so keep on shipping, at least - will get reported.

3. The thread has been stalling due to conspicuous absence of certain individuals. As a roleplayer, you have an obligation to continue being active until your character is not vital to moving the thread forward at that moment.

Please let us know if you are going away, can't post, and when you will be back.

4. There's been some problems with location and general shenanigans lately. I won't name names but you know who you are.

So please, consider where your character is relative to other characters, then figure out what you can do. Try not to just latch on to other people doing stuff and have your own fun.

5. Another shenanigan rule. Before you post, think about what your character is doing and how it reflects on them. What will the other Tenno think? What will civilians think? Would your character actually do that thing? Heck, would you actually do that thing? Consider that this is a pretty serious thread, and weird-butt by-our-lady adventures aren't really welcomed. Perhaps read the post over and get rid of any logical inconsistencies.

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I am not sure. I do actually kinda want to tho, because leadership could help me drive some story where I would like it to go.


You wouldn't be upset if I did, Exoteran? Just because a frame is not the "de facto leader" doesn't mean it can't be a big influence in what happens.


I don't want to be a pushover, but as the creator with a vision for several different adventures I'd like to make sure we don't end up in anime-land or someplace.

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Okay... Should I just mothball this thread? I can't help but feel that the static characterization doomed it from the start, but I don't know where I go from here.


I am very sad that people didn't want to go on this little adventure because they were too busy with other threads. I look at those things, and I can't get caught up in those crudely fashioned worlds. I want my thing to work, dangit.


Well, it was nice knowing the few I knew.

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Okay... Should I just mothball this thread? I can't help but feel that the static characterization doomed it from the start, but I don't know where I go from here.


I am very sad that people didn't want to go on this little adventure because they were too busy with other threads. I look at those things, and I can't get caught up in those crudely fashioned worlds. I want my thing to work, dangit.


Well, it was nice knowing the few I knew.

Trust me, I'm thinking right there with you. My thread hasn't been so fortunate to receive one reply, so you are lucky. Besides! This is a pretty cool idea!

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Thanks. I guess I expected more replies, but what the heck: even if it takes months to assemble a whole team who gives a dang?


Spread the word, my compatriots. Soon, Derf Anyo will be Don Quixote 2.0. I will make it so.

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Nice. Real nice. Got a bone, though, with your description of Ember. She was the husband?

That has been fixed.


This sure sounds interesting. I know little of medieval history though



Give it a try. If someone else asks more vocally, they'll have Trin.


You don't have to know everything, just generally be handy with grammar. Read up on the topic if you so desire.

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Well you may have noticed that I haven't really RPd as Tenno themselves, since I personally find it a bit difficult as I can't really put a face or personality to them. But since you've already given ideas for a background, I guess I'll try.



Trinity for me then, if no one else wants her.

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Hello! I am super new here (this is my first post ever) and new to Warframe in general, but this looks too awesome to pass up. I didn't even realize roleplay in the Warframe universe was a thing but I've always thought since I first encountered the game that it would be perfect for it. I would be interested in playing any part.


While I am new to Warframe, I am definitely not new to online RP. If you are still planning on running this, I will give it some thought and choose a part later this evening, but know that I am flexible and willing to play something else if someone REALLY wants a certain Warframe.


Edit: Oh, also, you might consider starting with who you have and picking up the rest as you go along. Trying to maintain interest and drive for an RP thread can be difficult enough without trying to recruit everyone at once and hoping that interest will still be there days/weeks/months down the road. I know that route has pitfalls of its own (people might be too intimidated to join later), but it's better than the idea dying before it even gets a chance. Just a friendly suggestion!

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