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[Fanfiction] Abyssia


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Sorry for mistakes. English - not mine language.

What's it like to be a corpus soldier ? Well, in all peace colonies is prestigious , you protect the financial balance of the system , go on expeditions and get decent money. In reality, the only truly last. All my life on arrival at the 140 - base vuyu Mars began like this: every day the same tasteless food , constant duty , constant drills , constant checks , but most importantly - the fear , the constant fear of attack. I survived and successfully repelled two attacks grinirskogo assault and one attack teno . I'm considered a hero , our avaricious commandant even picked me a salary , and at the end of contract service I am quite able to secure a comfortable existence . However, no money is worth it , that I have experienced .

 After attacks grinir , I realized that teno compared to them - noble warriors . I remember the first invasion , the first alarm , confusion, helmet of salvation , that disabled all my emotions , and the first loss . I remember my rage and cruelty grinir , especially their hysterical women .

When I woke up , I saw that changed my life - Scorpion flunked my friend and with brutal screams start to slash his body claws, then she plunged her hand in his gut , with real pleasure maniac made ​​a sudden movement , and my yelling each silent forever. Then the scorpion quite licked his hand and stared with his bloody insane grin at me. My helmet relentlessly rocked drug relieving of emotions, but it did not help . Recovered from the shock , I flipped it open helmet , and was about to open fire , but managed to grab a quirky creature his weapon and cut my rifle . She was looking forward to a new batch of enjoyment. However, I did what she did not expect , kicked her with full force in the body. Scorpio wanted to land successfully , but it prevented the boulder on which she hit . Until the enemy came to, I had to do the only thing that could come up with the remainder of the machine slammed straight into a hateful face , so much so that the scorpion dropped his machete , and I picked it up ... and a few moments on earth slid head another soldier grinir .

As for teno . They killed many of our , including because of them disbanded 56th battalion , but they were just doing their task, without bullying defeated enemies. I can not say that they sympathize with me with his indifference to the lives of others , but waging war honestly, without psychological pressure.

Something I'm too far gone , it's time to get to the point .

It was an ordinary day with the usual manned until my relief not told about the news.

 - Cole, came the order to your squad remained at the turn , I came only as a reinforcement of protection.

- And that something is wrong , or the commandant absolutely furious ?

- Today at the base comes expeditionary ship with a cargo of some important , so important that he was given three cruisers armed. In the evening you , as one of the experienced , you will protect the visualization room, there will be something to experience , something to do with the cargo arrived .

- It is necessary to Larietu to run , he certainly knows what's going on , and it will be like at that time were trying to sell the infected creature .

- It will not work , our mad scientist all day today running through the whole database , checks something , even Captain Caspar said that his precautions are unnecessary .

- I do not like it ...

Cole - Your task is not to assess the situation and carry out orders . Not enough that you have instilled doubt in my subordinates . As always on time and prevented Kaspar came all the talk in the bud. Wart , but during the battle is better to stay close to him , he always knows what to do and when , while retaining absolute equanimity .

Evening came , and I with two dozen soldiers and three dozen MOA surrounded demonstrative transparent walls of the hall. In the center stood a strange device , which I had not seen before , swarmed around him scientists and technicians , including Lariet . When Caspar entered the hall in full dress uniform , the device was in motion , and I saw what he did not expect to see the device was chained teno , as I recall, it was Amber. She tried to get out, but it kept tight capsule . At this strangeness did not end after Caspar , entered the hall ... Rhino, on his armor catches the eye defect - a place where she was to be the emblem of Lotus, was cut out by the roots.

Even after the suit was seen hating Amber eyes aimed at Rihno. It with all his fury tried to escape from the shackles , but to no avail . Rage it ceased to exist after the administration of any drug. Reno made ​​the same movement like grin. Captain spoke briefly about something with teno , then gave the command to the remote control . In the hall there was a sound, and the air hung hologram Consul Wei Hack . The same one that sent us troops . In my head flashed memories raids approached lump to my throat , I just squeezed the handle machine stronger. Negotiations began .

- So long teno represented a threat to us , unknown force. All our advanced design is useless and ineffective. Moreover, sooner or later, all our weapons are in the hands of our enemies.

Today, our scientists will present you the weapons to eradicate followers Lotus forever and this time it will be really victorious , because this weapon - force themselves teno .

In head Amber stared metal hose . For a while she swayed , but then went limp . Laser harnesses around her arms, legs and neck, separating them from the body . Captain got a glowing crystal of installation. Crystal was placed in a hole in the back, standing next Hyenas .

- And now , a little demonstration . The captain and the entire staff left the room , and the device is folded and put away under the floor . But , in the hall there was another teno . I've never seen such , in all such reference was not. Shadow armor, a haughty look and gait lab rat is not intimidated , or even a killer, but gait Yixing queen.

Hyena attacked first , explosion , flames, napalm . The whole room was flooded with absolute fire, even special - melted glass began .

And suddenly , the lights went out , the captain shouts were heard and ...

When I woke up , it was all over , troops defeated the MOA , the soldiers are dead , even Captain Caspar . Hyena disappeared with unknown teno . I do not believe his eyes , turning his head with an effort , said the new picture - Reno lying on the floor , his armor iznichtozhit and wound gushing blood , topped teno unknown . Then I became an unwitting witness to the conversation.

- What are you waiting for , come on , kill the traitor , avenge his hysterical Lotus, or do you want to see me bleed ?

At the head of an unknown voice sounded .

- Fool, I need you do not, and I do not work for Lotus .

Yes, and who do you need ? With the power forced a replica Rhino , splashing hot blood still on the cold floor .

- He . Flew out of the shadows throwing knife completely destroyed , expiring teno .

From the far corner he went , one of whom passed around so many rumors , so many tales . They frighten children Peaceful colonies. Stalker .

- What is the daughter of the abyss , you helped me kill your brother , my task easier ... And yet, you have tracked me.

- You do not think you could hide forever . It's time to pay the executioner for your deeds .

- I just do the world a cleaner ... you don't understand this and you should not ...

Battle ensued , I did not understand what was happening. One climbed up the wall , the other shot the bow , appeared from somewhere else weapon. These dances lasted about two minutes . While Stalker not taken up. The stranger turned out to be pressed to the floor , the enemy knocked out of her hands and arms going to kill throwing knife , but she still resisted .

 Dumbfounded , I hesitated . Helping the enemy , and even teno . Thoughts flew in my head instantly , and I did what I should have. I got up, grabbed the gun and released the head Stalker shells as much in time. Dumbfounded hunter did not expect such strong than he paid. His armor melted , and then the whole head . From the beginning of his armor leaving something dark , gaseous . It began to fade , but the stranger made ​​a few passes hands , whispering something unintelligible . Dark Essence howled otherworldly voice and began to break down , absorbed , somehow I can not call it.

When teno got wounded , I realized that I made ​​a stupid , probably, the last in his life. All I wanted was for it to die painlessly.

Stranger came up to me , took off my helmet , and his black eyes looked absolutely straight into my eyes . Few seconds sprawled into eternity , for some reason I felt bliss , then the black-haired girl is gone. All that I have left is a strawberry flavor on the lips and intricate brooch in hand. For such a trifle could not just blithely exist all his life, you could buy an entire small planet with all its Institute infrastructure , but to sell it to me did not want to .

Well, now I'm Lieutenant security service one successful trader named Darwin . He's a crook , but a good man, it does not work , the whole body does not conduct inhuman experiments . But this is not important, it works with teno as friends and that's important . I already know quite a lot of representatives teno , with some even companionship , but I never met her ...

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