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Death-Marks Should Be Frame-Specific


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The way death-marks work can really hamper your ability to play comfortably, considering the G3 and the Stalker, and to a bit lesser of an extent, the Harvester.


Alright, so say I take my highest-level frame to get a death mark from the G3 on an Invasion mission. I want Natural Talent  or Split Chamber or a Brakk part or something.

Do five missions, get mail, easy-peasy. I run around elsewhere trying to get the G3 to spawn, but they're somewhere sitting on their butts and not spawning.


I burn out trying. I decide to take some time off trying to farm them to rank up my new frame and loadout.


I go to Apollodorus. Suddenly, the G3 are full of energy again, and they easily decimate my frame, or I abort. Either way, one is just as much a slap in the face as the other, since I was trying to farm them and suddenly they appear when I have no chance of getting their drops.


Why? I fought the Grineer in that Invasion as my high-level frame, so why are they attacking my low level one?


A situation like this, death-marks causing you not to be able to use your lower-level ones for fear of them being attacked and utterly annihilated, is why I think death-marks should be frame specific. It may never be implemented, but it sounds like a cleaner system to have one frame be marked than being targeted across 10 frames.


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They're smart enough to attack you while you're at your weakest Tenno.

This is an interesting idea, of course, though i doubt it'll be implemented. And with stuff like the G3 you can just run. The Lotus does give you that option. Not the stalker though, nor the harvester.

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