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Wts Mods And Prime Stuff! Lets Gooo

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Heyo this is what I'd like to sell to you!....<_<


Berserker (5p)

Max Constitution (12p)

Coolant Leak (5p)

Max Corrupt Charge (8p)

Max Energy Siphon (7p)

Energy Channel (10p)

Max Flow (11p)

Max Focus Energy (9p)

Hollow Point (10p)

Max Lethal Torrent (15p)

Max Natural Talent (20p)

Quick Thinking (5p)

Streamline (7p)

Max Vital Sense (10p)

Vigor (7p)

Whirlwind (5p)

Prime Stuff:

Akbronco Prime BP*6 (5p)

Akbronco Prime Link (5p)

Ankyros Prime BP (5p)

Boar Prime BP*20 (5p)

Boar Prime Receiver*7 (5p)

Boar Prime Stock*3 (5p)

Braton Prime BP (5p)

Braton Prime Stock*6 (5p)

Bronco Prime BP*5 (5p)

Glaive Prime Blade (7p)

Glaive Prime Disc*3 (5p)

Latron Prime Barrel*3 (7p)

Latron Prime Receiver*15 (5p)

Latron Prime Stock*2 (7p)

Mag Prime BP*2 (8p)

Mag Prime Chassis*5 (5p)

Paris Prime BP*7 (6p)

Paris Prime Lower Limb*8 (5p)

Paris Prime String*2 (6p)

Sicarus Prime Set (10p)

This is what I have! Pm me on PSN (Kratosmd) or comment down below! Have a great day or night!

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