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G E O D E - The Clan Experience


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Hey, I'm TiTANiTE001 and I've started a clan.


I left my old clan because I joined and everything was built, decorated and researched already; leaving me with no input at all.


Do you want to experience a growing and developing clan where you can communicate with the leader and have input to how the dojo is built and run? That is the experience I am trying to provide to new and advanced players. I am completely chill, no MLG tryhard antics here haha.


Although we are a Ghost Clan (10 members) at the moment. I hope to upgrade to a Storm Clan (100 members) having a large group of players so there is always someone to play with even when my friends and I aren't online. I have the basic dojo established so players can trade when needed but the rest is still in development and I'm open to suggestion on additions and changes.


I have great plans for this group and hopefully we can grow into a large team of players.


Find me in game and send me a personal message and I'll show you around, and if you are interested, add you to

G E O D E.  My in-game alias is TiTANiTE001, you can also contact me here directly. 


Join us :D 

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