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Selling Prime Parts/auras/stances Ect.

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Currently looking for: cosmetic Meridian Trinity Helmet



AkBronco Prime Blueprint x6- 5p each


Burston Prime Barrel x2- 10p each


Ember Prime Helmet x3- 4p each


Fang Prime Blade x5- 5p each


Frost Prime Chassis x4- 2p each


Frost Prime Helmet x3- 3p each


Latron Prime Barrel x2- 1p each


Latron Prime Receiver x5- 3p each


Latron Prime Stock x2- 5p each


Paris Prime Blueprint x3- 1p each


Paris Prime Lower Limb x4- 1p each


Reaper Handle x4- 3p each


Reaper Prime Blueprint x8- 3p each


Wyrm Prime Cerebrum- 15p



Enemy Radar- 15p


Energy Siphon x2- 12p each


Loot Detector- 25p


Rejuvenation- 8p


Rifle Amp x2- 10p each


Rifle Scavenger x3- 4p each


Shotgun Scavenger x2- 4p each


Speed Holster- 2p


Steel Charge x4- 8p each



Brutal Tide- 20p


Burning Wasp x10- 4p each


Clashing Forest x4- 8p each


Coiling Viper x3- 8p each


Crossing Snakes x3- 15p each


Grim Fury- 15p


Swirling Tiger x8- 5p each



Accelerated Blast x6- 2p each


Constitution x3- 3p each


Fired Up x2- 5p each


Fortitude x2- 5p each


Hell's Chamber x8- 5p each


Ice Storm x3- 3p each


Master Thief x3- 10p each


Pistol Ammo Mutation x2- 10p each


Shred x5- 3p each


Split Chamber- 15p


Streamline x4- 4p each


Vigor x5- 3p each


Wildfire x2- 3p each



If anything seems too high, make me an offer! IGN: JuanDeages

Edited by JuanDeages
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