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About Ceres, And Invasions In General.


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Wasn't sure whether or not to put this in missions, or general feedback, but let me try to put this out there. We need to stop Corpus invasions in Ceres from even starting up, or those people that are trying to "break the system" by putting us behind an even bigger grind wall than DE intended, is just making us who want to fight Vay Hek more annoying than it should be. Another fact I would like to point out is, Ceres is the Grineer shipyards. It should be Grineer only. I know, there are you people saying it should be open for Corpus invasion, like other planets, such as Saturn. I disagree though, it is the GRINEER SHIPYARD AREA. From what I remember, if some place is your ship, it is your ship. Not bob's ship. (sorry to any bob that owns a ship) Some of you may come to argue with me pointing out Jupiter. I understand, Jupiter has been taken by some Grineer. Although this sounds off topic in some ways, I'd say we need to clear the star chart, and refill it with the controlling faction, slipping in some of the opposing factions into nodes. But then, making it so that as long as one of the opposing factions has a node, invasions can still occur in the planet. Then, though, what happens when some person clears out the remaining chances for invasions? The planet is clean. No more invasions. That, or there will be invasions, but the invasions won't take over any nodes, so say, Jupiter, has a Grineer invasion. It'll finish, but the node will still be Corpus. That was players can farm for G3 or Harvester, without disruping players trying to farm Prosecutors, or breaking the fun in fighting the faction that controls the area, and seeing how the -Faction here- interract with the terrain. Also, this will help with SOME PEOPLE trying to break the system, against things like Vay Hek and Prosecutors, or trying to farm or kill the special Corpus that appear on Jupiter, etc.


TL;DR, Rework Star Chart, and how it's affected by Invasions.

Thank you.

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As for Prosecutors, I have an idea to solve the problem of Invasions in Ceres. 




https://forums.warframe.com/index.php?/topic/236973-some-suggestions-to-make-gameplay-more-engagingrewarding-edit-15-toxic-damage-rework/ (see Ceres Beacon)


As for attacking factions taking over a node: It is alright (feels a bit immersive), but could be improved (which I have no idea yet). 

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