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The White Reapers - Recruiting.


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We are a New Clan for new players. We help eachother out and are on nearly all the time.


The Dojo is being built from scratch at a rapid pace. We are up for anything if it involves helping the Clan out. Hosting, fighting, dueling, helping with setups, etc.


AhrimanSlayer is the Warlord and I am a General. If you wish to join this Clan, anyone is welcome; regardless of skill or playtime.


Send me or AhrimanSlayer a message ingame for an invitation.


- TheWhiteReapers. (Hope to see you with us)

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Warlord Ahriman here, just to say thank you CorrosiveBug for making this post, we will be making a shadow barracks soon so we can have up to 30 members.


And like Bug has said, any skill or playtime, new players can join.

But, please if you have a forma, can you go into Dojo and see if there are any rooms that need one! (We are running low on Forma)


I have all the research rooms being made, a few need Forma.



- TheWhiteReapers. (Hope to see you soon)

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