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Wts Arcane Esprit / Swindle/ Thrak / Hemlock Helmets! Help With Prices :)

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Need platinum and selling the following 4 helmets


Arcane Esprit Vauban Helmet

Arcane Swindle Loki Helmet

Arcane Thrak Rhino Helmet

Arcane Hemlock Saryn Helmet (forgot i had this one too)


Trading tab is cancer.. so can anyone help me with fair prices on these 3 items? 


Thanks in advance!!

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Really arcane helmets are all over. They should be like 50-500 cause they re exclusive, but I have yet to seen someone say WTB arcane helms.


there are a few ppl looking for hats, but probably 10x as many selling.


loki is hot right now because of the prime release, and thrak seems pretty much worthless because everybody wants vanguard,

but they really are all over the place, and you can get whatever you can get, basically.

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