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When im playing Warframe i mostly get fps UNDER 60 fps, as im used to 120+ its horrible to look at..

I really want to play the game on medium~high at 120 fps+

I noticed my brother has 120+ fps on default/stock settings, which is basically medium on everything, max res and no physx.


My pc:


ASuS GTX 650 DCOG @ stock

i7 3770k @ 3.5 GHz

8gb ram

plenty of harddrive space and i dont think the rest matters.


My brothers pc:

GTX 560 @ stock

i5 2500k @ stock

8 gb ram

plenty of harddrive space and i dont think the rest matters.


Shouldnt i be able to run the game atleast as well as him, if not better?


In other games ive run in the past on both of our specs ive ran them better, but for some reason Warframe doesnt apply here.


GPU-Z below


My GPU-Z..








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I consider Warframe fairly optimized for it's development state, as I could run it on my old computer on low settings with 30 FPS and it looked hella good compared to the other games it could run. (It was a notebook with 1,8ghz dual core AMD, 4GB DDR3 1333mhz RAM and Mobility Radeon HD4650 ).


Performance seems to vary on different computers and Warframe can be sluggish on a good computer for some reasons.


I do have a problem myself too:

My current graph card (Nvidia GT755M) seems to have some problem with PhysX in WF, but not in other games, so I understand your problem.

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Are you running with PhysX on? If so have you tried without? I can't gather from your post if you are running PhysX or not, if so then disregard this post.


Some old friends, who sadly no longer play, were of the opinion that the older Nvidia cards did not handle PhysX very well at all in Warframe. They didn't know why, and it may simply have been their specific cards, but their game performance supported their theories.

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