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Stance Mods - 10p Each

- Bleeding Willow

- Brutal Tide

- Flailing Branch

- Cleaving Whirlwind

- Grim Fury


Aura Mods

- Energy Siphon 15p

- Rifle Scavenger 5p

- Pistol Scavenger 5p


Rare Mods

- Constitution 5p

- Hells Chamber 5p

- Natural Talent 5p

- Malignant Force 10p

- Toxic Barrage 8p

- Virulent Scourge 10p

- Sanctuary 10p

- Quickening 15p


Prime Parts

- Loki Prime BP 10p

- Dakra Prime BP 5p

- Braton Prime BP 5p

- Orthos Prime BP 10p

- Sicarus Prime BP 5p

- Sicarus Prime Barrel 5p

- Wyrm Prime Carapace 15p

- Boltor Prime Barrel 5p

- Boltor Prime Stock 5p

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