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It's A New Weapon Idea !


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Hiya mates !


i'm here to announce my new flash of inspiration, that appeared month ago.

the weapon upgrades or types ( or whatever it should be ) are these


Vandal (like Snipetron Vandal)  - this weapon type are not able to be obtainable nowadays

Wraith ( like Wraith Twin Vipers ) - i see that people sometimes use these ones, but i have no idea where it was obtainable beause i got Strun Wraith in my old 2nd or 3rd mastery rank ;D

Prime (you should know this) - can be obtainable in Void Tower missions


And i mean that we need to make or revive some of these inactive types ( like vandal )


1st Idea - Dragon weapons

Reason : DRAGON NIKANA - you get nikana, upgrade it for some resources and here you go, the strongest melee in the solar system :) but...

We need more of this weapon and higher resource cost, to keep it like 'rare' weapon


My Dragon Weapon ideas so far: ( only Tenno weapons )

Dragon Vectis

Dragon Soma ( or maybe not, because it OP already now)

Dragon Skana

Dragon Orthos

Dragon Cernos

Dragon Kunai

Dragon Magnus ( because he is forever alone now ;( cheer him up )


Way to get it : like the Dragon Nikana, upgrade it in foundry, BUT... as i said the upgrade resource cost must be higher, so people will put an effort to make 'em ( the effort like farming for rhino chassis before loki prime release )


2nd Idea - Wraith weapons

Reason: To make us wear more Grineer weapons 


ideas for Wraith stuff

Grakata Wraith

Kraken Wraith

Wraith Cleavers ( or they actually exist... i don't know :D )

Hind Wraith

Seer Wraith

Amphis Wraith


3rd idea - Shock ( or anything that means Corpus )

Reason - Why Corpus didn't have any custom weapon types? ( ok, only snipetron vandal )

Some Shock weapon ideas

Shock Dera

Shock Prova

Shock Lanka

Shock Supra

Shock Cestra/Dual Cestras


4th Idea - Venom

Reason : Infested don't have any custom weapons too


Venom weapon list

Venom Mire

Venom Tysis

Venom Ichors

Venom Torid

Venom Synapse


Summary :

these weapons will contain from parts ( like prime ). Only Dragon Weapons can be obtained from foundry, but other types from appropriate faction eximuses.(im annoyed when i have 9838923 oberon helmets and 29134 oberon chassis and 5 systems)

these weapons will be different from each other by looks, obviously, but  some stats too


i think that Wraith should be bigger magazine than default weapons

Shock will add fire rate and shock proc (if already has, then increases damage from this proc)

Venom should add Cicero stats ( proc chance and toxin damage )

And Dragon will hit harder (+damage)


i think that if you dont like the dragon weapon so-easy-to-get idea, then i have an idea to get them from Void eximuses


My considered consequences:



everyone will be able to choose his own style to gunplay ( choose to be a giant-freaky-hard-hitting-player or the-guy-who-makes-bullet-rain )and chance to choose the procs for further customization

there will be a reason to scan and kill eximuses and new spice in the trading section ( i want the parts to be tradeable )



there will be TOO much weapons 

i think, that there should be 3 of the type and then anything will be okay ;)


 i really hope guys, that DE will read this post and make this real, so any support will mean a world to me ( nah, but it would be nice that you support it )



in my next topics, i want to refresh my warframe concept about infested-type warframe, so it would be nice if you could suggest any easy program where to make nice art work ;)


All the love ...





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I don't think Dragon is intended as a modifier the way Wraith and Vandal are.


The Wraith and Vandal denote Event Exclusive weapons. Wraith appear to be weapons modified by the Red Veil, Vandal are Lotus upgrades.


I do think Eximus should drop something other than Oberon parts, but I'd prefer it to be a unique faction specific weapons than upgraded rehashes, especially in the case of Research weapons. Those are supposed to be special, so no enemies should just drop them.

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