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Which 2 Warframes Would Not Make A Good Couple?


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Yes, I am the creator of "Which 2 Warframes Would Make a Good Couple?"

Anyways, the 2 Warframes that I think would hate/contradict each other most is Volt and Hydroid, like seriously, their guns and melees are all good conductors.


Changed the title, from "Which 2 Warframes Would Hate/ Contradict Each Other?" into "Which 2 Warframes Would NOT Make a Good Couple?"


Couple seems to attract players' attention apparently...

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Volt and Rhino.

Seeing as how Volt is electric based and Rhino has some ground-oriented powers which kinda negate electricity.


Volt and Hydroid would just end up as Yaoi.

Warning: Not recommended to Google. See spoiler for brief explanation of the concept.

Also known as Boys' Love, is a Japanese genre of fictional media focusing on homoerotic romantic or sexual relationships between male characters.

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