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Wts/wtt New/old Items Cheap (Mods, Parts, Etc)

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Hi all. I'm a new player trying to get some plat to buy more slots, so I'm selling some of my stuff cheap. I also have quite a few rare mods that I haven't listed in here since I'm not sure of the fair price for them, so pm me in-game or sth.


Warframe Parts:

Ember Prime Helmet - 4p

Frost Prime Helmet - 4p

Loki Prime Systems - 67p

Mag Prime Chassis - 4p


Weapon Parts/BP:

Akbronco Prime BP - 5p

Bo Prime Ornament - 9p

Latron Prime BP - 4p

Latron Prime Barrel - 4p

Paris Prime Lower Limb - 4p


Sentinel BP:

Wyrm Prime BP - 45p


Brutal Tide - 17p

Clashing Forest - 4p

Coolant Leak - 13p

Hornet Strike - 4p

Iron Phoenix - 13p

Malignant Force - 10p

Natural Talent - 4p

Reaping Spiral - 4p

Reflex Guard - 4p

Serration - 4p

Streamline - 4p


Rare5 Cores:

2 p ea or 3 cores for 4p


I'm also interested in trading any 1-5p item above for Mag Prime Systems and Frost Prime BP.


PM me in-game I'll try to be online for longer.

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