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Wts / Wtt Mods & Prime Parts

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I am currently online doing missions


Selling mods and parts for platinum or for items I want to trade for which are listed last

I am not buying items with platinum, only trades.


WTS Mods


coiling viper
coolant leak
decisive judgement
hell's chamber
life strike
malignant force
natural talent
pistol ammo mutation
pistol pestilience
toxic barrage
virulent scourge
WTS Prime Parts
akbronco prime bp
bo prime ornamate
boar prime bp
boar prime receiver
boar prime stock
boltor prime stock
braton prime bp
bronco prime bp
burston prime stock
dakra prime blade
ember prime chassis
ember prime helmet
fang prime blade
fang prime handle
glaive prime disc
latron prime bp
latron prime receiver
latron prime stock
mag prime bp
mag prime chassis
orthos prime blade
paris prime lower limb
paris prime string
reaper bp
reaper blade
reaper handle
rhino prime chassis
rhino prime helmet
rhino prime system
sicarus prime bp
sicarus prime barrel
WTT for these (not buying with plat)
bronco prime receiver
lex prime bp
glaive prime blade
contagious spread
fever strike
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