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All Helmets With Physics Severely Broken With Update! (Needs Urgent Attention!)


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I logged on and my Nekros shroud helmet is messed up.




Volts Pulse helmet and Valkyrs Kara helmet are also broken, someone posted a thread in general discussion.


EDIT: I checked and Hydroids stock helmet is also broken.

EDIT: I repeat all helmets with physics have really bad visual bugs!

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I don't mean to hijack your thread, but I'd like to report a similar case, Ember Prime's head flames are improperly placed too. Arsenal shows it adjusted forward, clipping through the headpiece, while in-game shows her flames misaligned, like so:




Also, apparently Vauban's fan in his Gambit helmet is misaligned as well, I asked my friend if I can take a screenshot to report that as well:



Sorry if it's a little hard to see, but fix your eyes at the circled area. Those things protruding from Vauban's head are actually the fans I spoke about, wearing the Gambit helmet in-game you will notice it right away due to it's animation.

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