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So I Did My Exploring Thing For The New Tileset..


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Have to give a Kudos for the skybox and tileset. Probably my favorite so far. The mix of destruction and beauty at the same time looks pretty fancy in my book.


There's a little opening above the middle "bridge" thing on that extraction area, you can jump up a few ledges and wallrun up. 

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Between the visuals and the new music, it's very possibly the best tilesets to date. The mission is also a bit more fun than the standard "go to point A, kill B, exit at C" with the various hazards and the fact that the Infested are actually relentless.

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I did some exploring myself and coupled with the suspenseful music, I really got some serious Dead Space vibes while playing even though I haven't played that game :P. The Infested felt like how they were in past Updates, with little to no light and just hordes upon hordes of Infested like it should be :)


Just love how DE made the Infested a little bit more menacing and intimidating as a faction too. The small addition of the Infested Osprey also spiced up things too :)

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