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These guys are pretty annoying in dark sector defense. They almost always are miles away from the pod and hitting them is somewhat like the carnival game from the movie "despicable me." These guys really need to not be a part of these missions unless their AI is tweaked a little bit.



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Here's what I do NOT get with them: I remember a time when the Toxic Ancients were something that made you have to be aware of them because of their toxic clouds. They were big, menacing, and made shields pointless. Today, they're not as bad and are just another Ancient.


Now we have the ospreys which.... is really pointless in how they work. First off, osprey logic was naturally broken from the beginning and (at least in the Oxium's case), they were both a threat and a reward for using skill to remove them. So when it comes to the Mutalist Osprey... I am getting mixed messages.


See, with the Oxium Osprey, they self destructed on their dash which did damage. You had some time to dash out of the way or get shots in an attempt to stop them and get some lovely Oxium. The risk and reward was clear. With the Mutalists... it's like DE couldn't make up its mind. On one hand, it delivers crawlers like it's the Infested version of an Apache helicopter. That in itself is a very clever concept. Then, when not holding a crawler, it goes on the offense and this is where the confusion sets in. I can tell it was inspired from an Oxium Osprey due to its dash ability, but that's where the similarities end. It can dash MULTIPLE times and each time leaving behind a gas cloud larger than I think is even remotely possible for its own size. It really doesn't make sense, and the toxic cloud seems to run on its own logic that also doesn't make sense. One moment I am taking 1 point of damage, next 10, next 5, next 15. Make up your mind! Well, at least while it does try to make up its mind, the Mutalist Osprey can at least give a brother to the first gas cloud to help it think things out.


In the end, the Mutalist Osprey is just over powered from JUST the gas cloud alone, which for what it does, does not make sense or even feel balanced, and that is even after getting past the point with the issues of AI. A fix would be a two fold thing which I think many people can agree with:


1. Make the Mutalist Osprey self destruct like the Oxium Osprey. It is clearly taking footnotes from the kamikaze crazed sentinal killer, so why not go with it? The gas cloud could be the explosion replacement and you get to recycle the Oxium Osprey's AI for that, which is fairly solid already.

2. Get rid of the big gas cloud for the Osprey and give it to the Toxic Ancient. This would make more sense since it would be a better size ratio for the Ancient and the smaller ones could be the dash path of the Osprey with a slightly larger one for explosion if it connects with a target. This would give the Toxic Ancient a well needed update that would compliment the Osprey's mobile assault of the same element and (again) you get to reuse something you already have.


The general issue is the cloud itself and who delivers them. If you change it around, you create a better balance while still adding the new elements.

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