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Quick And Dirty Feedback On Breeding Grounds, Overall Good Stuff


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first things first, GREAT JOB DE! =]


the tileset design is freaking awesome looking, ive always got mad props for the level design guys artistic direction, especially how it really feels much MORE like a spaceship, and with all the dead bodies of crewmen lying around in their chairs/stations/etc


additionally i REALLY like the multiple connected pathways, giving at least the illusion of a less linear map format, kudos on this


some of the bigger tiles are just absolutely gorgeous 


the new sound effects for the infested remind me of how creepy they were as a faction back when i first encountered them in U5-6, really good stuff


luv the new mission, the tumors, the hives, the added effects, everything is just boobs awesome bananas (might want to make the laser traps destroyable however, just as an option)


great spawn rates on the infested as well, the place really FEELS like they are just crawling out of the woodwork, every nook and cranny has infested swarming at me at all times, its great


not really digging the new rifle design, but hey whatevs, different stroke for different folks


really like the infested osprey as well, its a nasty lil bugger


HOWEVER, the addition of the new nasty lil flying bugger further highlights how you CANNOT perform "THE SWORD ALONE" in these missions, if reaching the hard to get to tumors wasn't enough (and im totally fine with their placement btw), then being massacred by the flying fart machines really shows how melee needs to be able to be aimed up/down and give us some kind of jumping mid-air melee swing or an uppercut or SOMETHING (preferably everything i just listed)


fyi ive been running through the new content solo on my brand new loki/bo/wyrm primes (they're like 14/27/12 now after several missions), just to give anyone an idea of my power lvl while im experiencing the new event


bottom line: pretty much all great new additions, luv this patch, makes me proud to be a part of this game community that yall put out such great stuff




that is all i have atm, thanks again to everyone on the DEv team =]

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Pardon me, just going to put my concerns in as well.
After playing it for about an hour these are my initial findings.
First of all this is probably the best gameplay experience I've had in Warframe. Ever. 
The second being, with all the toxin damage that gets flying around as well as the cold generator Hive, it seems more and more valuable to be Rhino with his Toxin and Cold condition ignoring Iron Skin. Not sure if this says something about Rhino or the dangers presented within the map but it is worth noting. 

Thirdly, although I totally understand the reason behind them, 2-player lockout doors are now the most annoying things ever for less than full groups of players. You have succeeded in creating a mission where players don't necessarily have to stick together and yet can still see action and the gameplay you want them to see, but everything seems locked behind a 2-player door. Making it incredibly difficult to 'split up' as you suggest. Or maybe I was just unlucky. 

Lastly, the scoring system is very...I don't want to quite say bad but it certainly isn't good. Changing teams can drastically alter what points you rank in depending on the run count of the other people around you. It doesn't make sense to pull one person back despite the number of runs he's done to reach the goal because the other people around him haven't put in the same effort he has, while those players are the ones reaping all the benefit. This isn't just about the soloers any more who will have to do way more runs to get rolling in dat stank, you're making it more difficult on PuGers as well. 

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You need to get points in ONE mission for the best run in order to receive the rewards. The total amount goes to your operation score, separate from the rewards. Difficulty tiers of the missions increase the amount of points you get upon Extraction, and difficulty is determined by the "stench" left on the player/players with the carnage of the Infested encountered previously. Combined stenches=more difficulty.

6 points in one mission=event badge (Breeding Ground badge)

17 points in one mission=event mods (Breeding Ground set)

48 points in one mission=Prova Vandal


Grindiest event ever...

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Honestly, I've run one level solo and don't intend to come back without a team.  Not because it's hard or impossible solo - hard, certainly, especially with the never-to-be-sufficiently-damned Osprey hitbox now attached to poison damage - but just because the map design is so freaking amazing it needs as many eyes as possible to manage.  There are hidden paths, lots and lots of vertical spaces, narrow hallways, and line-of-sight blockers, and the Infested gleefully abuse them all.  That, ladies and gentlemen, is the excitement I've been waiting for.  Needing to look in all directions to track down the tumor masses only improves that.


On top of that, well, I was intensely skeptical of the new Osprey design.  I still kind of am, but even in the space of a single mission I got to the point where I could kind of reliably evade the little buggers whenever they charged.  They don't seem to drop their crawlers until they get shot out from under them, though, and I'd honestly rather see the special crawlers using their abilities while just staying attached to the Osprey.  Flying lightning turrets?  Flying toxin artillery (lobber crawlers)?  Flying paralyze units?  They'd seriously force players to switch up their playstyle without being damage sponges or even necessarily all that powerful.  Of course, I ran with Loki, so I don't know how much powers trivialize them.


I do kind of wish there were ways to negate the traps, though, especially the omnipresent lasers from the Lancing Hive (I've run one mission - Lancing, Security, Stabilizer, in that order).  On the flip side, I like how it's theoretically possible to take out the hives in any order, so if there's something you really don't want to deal with, leave it until the end.


A single solo run isn't really the best stress test, but this seemed incredibly well optimized considering what normally happens on new tilesets.  Hek, it ran smoother than the Derelicts usually do!  We'll see what happens once some of my friends give it a try, though, since everyone's performance tends to drop once we group up.


All in all?  Most fun I've had out of this game in a long, long time, but I'm still kind of guarded so far.  We'll see if I'm still wearing this ear-to-ear grin once I've linked up with some other players.

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