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Please Revert The Armour Offsets To Before Todays Patch


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Hey guys every since the new patch today, where the armour offsets have changed, everything looks so off now. Rhino Prime's shoulder armour clips through the golden piece on his shoulder and also causes the emblems you have on to clip through the gold pieces. Not only that but on many frames the shoulder positions seems to have been tweaked so that they are now positioned lower on the arm. I really liked how the shoulder armour stuck up on your shoulders and I never had problems with aiming, so I don't see why it should have been changed in the first place. Also it might be just me, but I think some of the armour sizes seems to have been changed, Some frames like Rhino and Nyx seem to have bigger shoulder armour and frames like Loki, Excalibur and Ash have smaller shoulder armour. 
Here's some screenshots to show you what I mean:

Rhino Prime 








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displeased with new size & position of daedalus shoulder plates on loki c/o latest update. debating requesting a rebate, since i purchased them primarily for the look i got on loki before the changes. now, it just looks..... girly.. 


don't mind the look on rhino prime, but emblems are crossing armor/frame pieces

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We won't be able to revert them because the system received an extensive overhaul. The animation skeleton used by the Warframes received additional bones to attach each piece of armour too. If the shoulder armour is too low across the board, I'll ask the animators to raise these in the the skeleton, and it should fix most cases of this issue.


The emblems don't seem to be scaling with the adjusted sizes of the shoulder armour either, so I'll ask one of our programmers to investigate this. One of the benefits to the changes that we made, is now each armour piece can specify a unique set of offsets for each Warframe. Before this update the armour offsets were specified on the Warframe itself, and every armour piece would use the same offset. Since the armour pieces come in all different shapes and sizes, it was hard trying to make them all work with a single offset.


The next few hot fixes should be the last time that the offsets for the existing armour sets get changed, so please keep providing feedback on them after each hot fix and I'll tweak them until they look right. The offset dangles on the helmets were also broken due to the new animation skeletons and are being worked on by the programmers now.

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