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A Different Kind Of Stuck In The New Mission


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Yes I am posting for the first time because of this.

Anyways I went through the mission as I assume is normal, although I was spending a lot of revives because I'm an uber noob et cetera.

So when I spent my last revive on the dash to extraction, I spawned inside SOMETHING. I can't see much, it's mostly dark.


This seems weird to me because all of the other "stuck" posts about the new event seem to involve either being stuck pseudo-dead, or being knocked into a wall/object and unable to get back out (like me). Only thing is, usually they can see SOMETHING, and the camera prefers to be outside the object and unconstrained. my camera is stuck in here with me.

I would post a screenshot ebedded directly but I don't know how, so here's an imgur link.


That's the most clear shot of the detailing I can get, and everything else is just blackness.

I can move about a foot in two directions, and it autolocks crouch even though I don't have that enabled. Strange!

EDIT: I used the codex scanner and this was all I could see.


EDIT again: OK I gave up and aborted.

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