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Steam Sale Question



so with the summer steam sale the warframe booster packs with platinum and boosters I buy the initiate and starter packs and it tells me it needs to download warframe to download the dlc things but I already have warframe through the warframe website is there any way to make steam realize this and give me my platinum or will I need to download a duplicate version of warframe just to get the stuff added to my account?

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You need to download Warframe through Steam and run it through Steam. Basically you need to sync your Steam account to your Warframe account, and this can only be done through downloading and running Warframe through Steam.


Once your Steam account is linked, you can delete Warframe from your Steam folder, and any Warframe related purcahses made through Steam in the future (or inventory things like trading the new Rubedo skins or the old Phased skins through Steam) will automatically transfer to your Warframe account.

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Just a result from my own experiment regarding version convertion:



Just in case it ever happened again, you could easily convert Steam version into non-Steam version:


1. Backup the Warframe's Steam version folder. (It's on your \SteamApps\common\Warframe folder on your Steam Library folder)

2. Remove Steam, with or without wiping the games on the library folder.

3. Download the web installer, execute it to the step where you have to specify your installation folder. Let it download the game files for a bit, then cancel it.

4. Copy all the content of your already backed up Warframe files into the installation folder (Put it on Warframe\Downloaded\Public).

5. Voila. Your Steam version has been converted into non-Steam without downloading most of the files.


* These steps also works on corrupted launcher problems, or simply reinstalling it after clean Windows installation.


If you wanted to backup your Steam version and copy it to another computer (or in case of clean Windows install or any other problems), make sure that besides copying the files, you should also export 2 registry entry for it to be merged later after reinstalling Steam (you could easily search how to do it from the holy internet). Remember, to make this trick work you have to download Warframe from Steam for a bit (to the point where the big files started to be downloaded):


- HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Digital Extremes\Warframe

- HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Valve\Steam\Apps\230410


* You could ask these entries from another trusted and clean computer.


After merging those registry exports (*.reg), copy back the files into the Steam Library folder, IF you haven't changed your Steam Library folder.

If you changed your library folder to a different one from before reinstalling Steam, open Regedit and go to HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Digital Extremes\Warframe\Launcher and make sure that the value for LauncherExe key refers to the right Launcher.exe on steamapps\common\Warframe\Tools\ of your Steam Library folder (just change it to the right Steam Library folder).


For converting non-Steam to Steam version, I haven't got the trick right, but it seems that besides following the second trick, you also have to copy the Launcher.exe on C:\Users\*yourusername*\AppData\Local\Warframe\Downloaded\Public\Tools to steamapps\common\Warframe\Tools\ of your Steam Library folder to make it work. (Checked it and both are the same version with the same file hash).






Damn, that was long...


Sorry for the shameless self quote :q

Might helped you just in case you didn't wanted to use Steam but had already bought items through Steam...

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