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Explosives Warframe Concept.


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Name: CREPITUS (Open for suggestions.)

Gender: Male

Playstyle: Use powerful explosives to decimate your enemies!

Appearance: Grineer-esque, much like how Vauban is Corpus-esque.

Lots of rounded or spherical armor bits, with many pegs, and a few antenna..

Approximate Stats:





Cost: 25 Energy
Tosses a landmine that is detonated when an enemy steps near it, which deals 400/500/600/800 Blast damage within 5/6/8/10 meters.
Has no duration, but only 1/2/3/4 mines can be placed at once (increased by Power Strength).
Mines can also be shot by their placer in order to detonate them, mines do not cause chain reactions.
Preferably does not damage the user.
Damage is affected by Power Strength.
Maximum number of mines is affected by Power Strength.
Radius is affected by Power Range.
Cost: 50 Energy
After a short animation, releases 2/3/4/5 roller drones that seek out enemies within 30 meters, (unaffected by Power Range), of the original cast location.
Upon nearing an enemy, a drone will explode dealing 100/200/300/400 Blast damage within a 3~5 meter radius with 100% Status proc chance.
Rollers naturally try to seek out separate targets, if possible.
Pressing the Zoom key will cause all roller drones to seek out whatever target you are currently aiming at.
Cannot be recast until all rollers have exploded, but all unsuccessful rollers explode after 20 seconds.*
Rollers cannot explode until 3~ seconds after they are released.*
Damage is affected by Power Strength.
Explosion radius is affected by Power Range.
Number of roller drones released is affected by Power Duration, much like Null Star.
*Unaffected by Duration mods.
Cost: 75 Energy
Increases your Primary, Secondary, and Melee damage in the form of a small Blast damage AOE for 7/10/12/15 seconds.
Increases Primary & Secondary damage by 50%.
Increases Melee damage by 75%.
Does not damage the user.
Duration is affected by Power Duration.
Damage increase is affected by Power Strength.
AOE radius is not affected by Power Range.
Cost: 100 Energy
Tosses a bomb that, after 6/6/5/4 seconds, explodes for 800/1000/1200/1500 Blast damage within a 8/10/12/15 meter radius.
Afterwards, enemies within a 12/15/17/20 meter radius take 100 Radiation damage per second for 5/6/8/10 seconds.
100% Blast status proc chance.
Radiation damage tics don't interfere with recasting.
Does not damage the user.
Damage is affected by Power Strength.
Both radius are affected by Power Range.
Radiation AOE duration is affected by Power Duration.
Bomb timer is unaffected by Power Duration.
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