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Whats The Best Sniper In The Game



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Drea-... uh...


Vectis I guess?


It'd be misleading to say right now. Devs have acknowledged (Don't ask me to quote because I don't remember where it was...) that sniper rifles need buffs. Last time they said something needed buffs all the bows went to 100%+ crit chance and got damage buffs. Whatever they do to Sniper might not be so dramatic, but may well upset the current hierarchy and move some less used rifles up to the forefront.

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Vectis for usability as it has a non-obtrusive zoom scope, Lanka for high damage potential (innate punch through on charged shots, which means you can add more damage mods in place of Shred) if you can get used to the charge mechanic and the overly busy/cluttered zoom.

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