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New Event & New Infested Sounds (My Thoughts)


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I've always thought of infested as boring. There were always elements missing to turn infested into something terrifying and exciting. However, I have to say that the new ambient sounds and new infested sounds has REALLY "turned the tide" as Alad V would say.

For once I really enjoy having my music enabled, the new music is absolutely fantastic, and even though an infested mission still doesn't feel like silent hill, I have to say that all these new things is a step in the right direction in my opinion


Now the only things that could possibly make it better, is if we get the "pitch black" rooms/maps in the infested maps. Many people have asked for this, and it would make infested missions even more creepy. Also getting more infested enemies, but we got one this time (which is really awesome), and the ones in work looks really cool! Im looking forward to their release. But one step at the time.


As far as the new event, love it! It's still a grind to some extend, but the event feels really exciting. I'm really enjoying myself and I hope to see more events THIS fun in the future.


So in conclussion. I love the new event and infested sounds. It has made infested missions a lot more exciting!


Thanks for a GREAT update!


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