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Onslaught Feedback And Suggestion, Or More Like ... Begging.


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this onslaught mode look really promising, i cant feel the end game coming. we need more micro event that could be implanted on any tile type, we need tile "on the fly" transformation, e.g. corpus being infested super fast.


- we need this mission in endless mode, with healing clouds, and limited time knockback immunity cloud, who works for them, and for us.

- extraction could be done by simply go in the landing zone, you get extracted, you keep the reward you got.

if everybody is extracted, the mission is over.

- no time or objective limite in invitation mode.

- the number of hives killed could define the reward tier, like in surv

- a max of 4 effect could be active in the same time, each new hive destroyed giving a new effect, erasing the older.

- if some tiles could collapse or get added while in game ... it would be outstanding. dynamic random mission. ouch.

- we could have other faction incursions, like grineer purging troops, corpus shock squad ... each mini objective would give special rewards for a limited time, if the objective is not complete or ignored well, you just simply loose the opportunity, and the enemies are staying.

- random micro event are the key to ranromize even more the game without overcomplicating it. (these event should not hold a specific per event reward. it would force us to "event hunt" this is terrible.)



anyway awesome stuff. definitly a step in the good direction for me.



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