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Mod 2.0 Overhaul


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Hello Tenno,

I just wonder if you people notice that in spite of the total overhaul since update 10 we still have mods that no one will ever use. I mean really ever.

I am going to list said mods along with my personal recommendations of improvement of such mods:

1. Warm coat (Reduces amount of shields lost to ice/cryo level hazard up to 12%)

 Seriously? 12%? Let's calculate how much can I gain over it) Let us say I have max 1200 shields at Mag (roughly) and then our of a sudden they drop down by 600 and with this "wonderful" mod I will have
672 instead of 600. How much is that? Total 6% of shield increase. This is all for 9 energy cost. Do not forget that you can never predict when to equip this mod. In addition, that void/derelict mission does not have such environmental factor. You can only imagine how much can you gain for said 9 energy points and 1 free slot.
 To improve it the following steps should be done:
 a. The mod at max should give full resistance to cryo-environmental factor
 b. The mod should be combined with Insulation mod and shall grant additional resistance to cold and cryo-floor(less slow effect up to none)
 c. optionally it may increase the effect from Coolant leak mod granting it the ability to decrease shields of an enemy exposed to Coolant leak effect.
 d. For balance - make it upgradable to rank 10(initial cost - 2)

 2. Undying will and Provoked.
 Nothing to say; of course, little less useless than the previous but still not worthy to waste space and capacity for them.
 To improve them:
 a. Combining those two mods into one.
 b. Upgradable to level 10 (initial cost - 2)

 3. Shock absorbers.
 Nothing to do here, seriously. Nothing can save this mod unless granting full immunity while knocked out.
 4. Retribution.
 For a glance may seem to be a decent mod but it's not.
 To improve it:
 a. Decrease proc chance as 2% per level making it upgradable to level 10.
 b. Any damage including health damage can proc x % of damage to be returned to an enemy on any distance as electric jolt.
 5. Handspring.
 Not as bad, but I doubt that anyone conscious will install this for cost of 9 energy and a slot.
 I guess if it had chance for the enemy to be knocked down with you…no, forget about it.
 6. Acrobat
 Why only wall run? Make it as Streamline for stamina at least for everything that consumes stamina. Like "Decreases stamina cost for x%"
 7. Quick rest and Marathon

 Those mods are retired. Admit it. Possibly, if those are combined together with increased capacity cost and 10 upgrade levels making this new mod uncommon - this would be useful.
 8. Intruder.
 As if, the puzzles are difficult. Maximum uselessness here.
 I say make this mod %chance to be able to hack locked lockers, disabled moa cabinets and other interactive objects such as cameras and turrets.
 Then I say it will be useful.
 9. Finishing touch
 Why would I not I give a rabbit's &#! to this mod? Oh yes, the total increase of finishing damage of is 60% - that is why! You may say that for the cost of 5 points of energy it is more or less acceptable. However, I say NO. One thing if it increases the overall damage, but it only influence the finishers, which are so rare in use.
 I say - make it applicable to all non-standard combo such as ground attack, slide attack etc. and to any combo whatsoever + increase the damage to let us say 100%.
 Alternatively, the system of lethal finishers may be applied such as at level 0 of this mod you inflict 20% of max health damage to the target and at the last level - 50%. That would make the mod corresponding to its name. Now it is more like "Sissi's tickle". Of course both changes should involve the cost of mode to be increased significantly (Level 10 upgradable)
 10. Self-destruct (Sentinel)
 Inflicting 1k of damage on certain radius upon destruction. Wow. One shot from barely modded Ogris. So much sense wasting 7 energy and a slot. And what for?
 I personally thought a lot until I found the solution how to make this mod viable at least a little.
 a. Upon explosion all around is damaged in very big radius (100 m or so)
 b. Maxed mod should inflict 600 units + (% value of max health +shields the sentinel have) of all types of primary elemental (Cold+Toxin+Fire+Electricity) with forced proc of all 4 elements.
 c. Invulnerability should be triggered on all party members for some insignificant couple of seconds
d. Considering that you have only one sentinel per revive – it’s highly unlikely this mod will be abused.
 Optional : before destruction it should play beeping sounds and words "Yipikaye, mother#$@r" with the voice of Bruce Willis.
11. Spare parts.

 Do you really think I waste so much just to get my sentinel killed and % chance that some orokin cell or other valuable drop?
 Make it so that sentinel have small %(5-10) chance to salvage x2 from each resource drop. I do not mind.


I guess this is about it for now.


Hope to hear the feedback and even more - hope to feel this implemented the soonest, Dear DE!





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No they did not - it's just a Melee 4.0 Hype Gag.

No they did a mod 2.0 a long time ago...they gave everyone fusion cores to rank up their new mods when they did the mod reset. Want to say last march.

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I actually use marathon on Saryn.  I know it's stupid, but it's just a luxury thing.  I like it.  Also, interesting thing--my clanmate and I were doing T4 survival, and Vor showed up at about 15min.  It was really intense, and it was just the two of us.  Oxygen was a problem, we're scrambling to open the canned air, and all the while, Vor is really f*cking us up.  I was Valkyr, my friend was Nova.  Since Nova's squishy, he's going down constantly.  I've got QT+Rage, so I'm doing ok, but things are so frantic, I just can't get a clear shot on Vor with so many other enemies.  My friend goes down again, this time he tells me not to pick him up.  Vor is standing right next to him, and my friend, who is basically out of the equation atm, just flings his despair at Vor point blank without having to worry about taking damage, all the while I'm just running circles, getting air.  Kills Vor super fast, then at the last second, I pick him up.  It got us wondering--could Undying Will + Provoked be the secret to super easy Vor?  Maybe.  Now, certainly, your mod capacity and slots are better spent elsewhere, but it could be a kind of fun and interesting combo.

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