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[Psa] You Can Now Kill Larry In The Infested Tank



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Larry may be gone, but he shall live on in our hearts.

*looks at Alad avatar*

*looks at sentence*

*system error*


Hard to believe, mate. XD

That is totally hard to believe. I would never believe someone who said something like this looking like that. But, hey, Larry was expendable, wasn't he? Devious Alad...

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When I saw the Larry tank on the new tileset I was like "NO WAI!!!!!!!!!!!!11!!!!!!"


But a gas cloud killed him before I could valiantly pull him out of that wretched place.


May he meet with Johnny Prodman and all the other great Corpus heroes at the gates of heaven.

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Why wasnt an important change such as this in the patch notes???



What if we didnt realize this and no one saved larry??

I've been saving him and his shadowy clone since the event started. You're realizing this now?


...Perhaps it is just my overzealous penchant for shooting any Corpus until death..

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