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Drop In Fps And Crashes In The New Event Mission


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Hello everyone! Today I started to play the new breeding ground missionin solo, but until now I haven't reached the 3° hive because before, after I destroyed the 1° or 2°, my fps drop a lot (to unplayable levels, in which I can't even exit the game without ALT+F4) and sometimes it crashes suddenly. The crash code is WAR-255433


Edit: it happens also when I'm in squad, but now the code is WAR-255445

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I have only played one of the missions so far (completed for 20pts which wasn't bad) and about half way through there was a very noticeable frame rate drop. Perhaps it is the tile set as it was about the mid point in the mission and there weren't a ton of enemies around nor were there lots of drops laying about.


Luckily I had my Ignis so I could just run and hold the fire button down in order to kill whatever was likely to suddenly appear in front of me due to the lag and rate drop.

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