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Breeding Grounds Easter Egg Thread


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Here to ruin the fun, sorry in advance:


Are you sure about this?

Really sure? Last chance!

After hacking the terminal, head up the stairs to the right and you'll see some of those MOA dispensers on the ground that'd you would see on Jupiter. Most, if not all, are malfunctioning, but two of them are wide open and can be jumped in. If you jump in the one closer to the wall, the dispenser will activate and launch you up to a hidden room. What's in that room? I won't say, but don't be too exited...


If you didn't hack the terminal, then the two dispensers can still be jumped in, but they won't launch you anywhere. If you're wondering where the other one launches you, it lets you have a nice meeting with the height boundary.

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Pretty sure I saw a thread about this, that if you hack the console, it opens a bounce pad on the platform above it, which takes you to a secret room


I apologise for the late reply, gentlemen. And yes, this is correct. Probably my topic, as I was probably the one to post about it. Just hack the console, go upstairs, look up and find a vent on the ceiling, get on the darker platform, wait for it to throw you up.

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