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Sound Quake Flakes


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Okay, so, I'm not sure if this is a "bug" or a "feature", as I can see it going both ways.


However, the point is: When you use soundquake on a flat, horizontal surface, it works, and blasts the heck out of everything nearby. When you use soundquake on anything OTHER than a flat, horizontal surface(on an incline, on a funky piece of infested bumps... anything), it does ZILCH.


While I can appreciate some lorific explanation about sound needing to travel blah blah blah.... it's killing me when I try to SQ and discover the floor beneath me isn't exactly level, and, thus, the infested I *thought* I was about to pwn instead walk up and start viciously beating me to death.


I do not appreciate being viciously beaten to death, particularly not by people who should, by all expectation, be twitching at my might.


Kind of a waste of energy for SQ when you discover "this surface does not conduct sound".


If it's intentional, there should be a warning+cancellation, so you don't lose any energy.


If it's not, plz fix!

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