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Focus System Ability Re-Balancing?


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Hey guys,

As you probably know the focus system is meant to give you progression past the cap of 30 levels. Personally I think we should re-focus certain ultimate abilities so that when the player hits 30 they have two options: Crowd Control and Damage. Each of them balanced in their own way but not mutually exclusive.


For example, Rhino's stomp could be focused on crowd control, that means that the duration of the mod is increased whilst damage is decreased or damage increased with duration decreased. This can allow players to build their own late game builds, whatever helps them most.


Not much else to say, I shall edit the post if necesarry.

What do you think? Good or bad?


My other post: https://forums.warframe.com/index.php?/topic/249596-eventinfested-megathread-feedback/

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CC is already superior to damage, the way the current system works. Not another pseudo option please, we have enough of them.

There are some damage ones that scale well enough that damage would be a viable option but for the most part this is true

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