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Necessary Changes - Possibly Warframe 2.0


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There are many way to express your desires about a game, a common one is whining or raging.

Alternatively, you can calm down and talk about specific changes that are needed to make this game more awesome than it already is.

I tried to not interfere with the nature of this game being a free to play title which needs to generate real money income for the developers.

So, here are the aspects that should be covered because virtually everybody complains about them:

Random rewards
Yes, the common burnout, this problems is based on the insane randomness of rewards. There is no need to argue about this, players need progression based rewards comparable to quest systems where you know the challenge with its reward.

Random Number Generator
The fact that people complain some don't get anything useful for 100 runs and some others in only some runs does confirm that the RNG in this game is very well made. If you know about mathematical statistics you will understand that these cases must be included in a true random enviroment.
Though, players should be aware that we cannot tell how RNG affects our gameplay. Of course there is many stuff being determined by the so called randomness, but since DE is the creator of RNG we will never certainly know how random it actually is or even it is not supposed to be random.

The repetitive style of invasions is truely awful. These operations should have multiple stages with different mission types for each. If you have a five steps operation, the order could be spy, deception, sabotage, extermination, assassination (would kinda make sense).

Prime and non-prime items
There is no point of releasing a similar item as prime version again because it renders the normal one rather worthless. Primes should be exclusive to players who spend real money on Warframe so they have something to show off. Additionally, this makes life for other players easier because they don't need to fear a prime release of their item and can put puzzles as well as potatoes on their stuff.  

Research items
There is no excuse to force players into joining a clan just to be able to obtain certain item blueprints due to networking problems around the world. Dojo research should be an alternative to getting item blueprints but not a requirement.

Mission taxis for newbies
One could consider to implement restrictions for new players to prevent them from joining high tier missions if they haven't completed the previous tier. Possible scenario: You need to complete e.g. Void Survival tier I, II, III, IV in succession before you may access a higher one.

Artificial intelligence of enemies
Haters gonna hate: Player versus player modes are the solution.
Why do we need to care about dimwit enemies if we could compete with actual intelligence opponents? Since dojo duelling and conclave was already introduced, it is completely possible to go further and include game modes like interception or spy.
Balance is easy to achieve by disabling mods due to the nature of items being balanced without funtional enhancements.

Anti-Solo policy
Just like the point about clan research, DE has an extreme attitude against solo players, along with several mission types, especially event operations. Some goals can only be achievement by playing in groups. It is understandable that the developers want to increase teamplay but this must not be a requirement.

Not existing skill based gameplay
The fact that there is mission scaling based on increasing enemies levels causes the main mischief in this game. There is basically no skill based gameplay, instead total progress still rules: If you have a kick-äss weapon with a lot of damage and a decent warframe, you will get easily through any mission type.
Difficulty of missions should be based on the complexity of environment and enemies.

Side note: Players' suggestions
I don't need to remind you that we are on the Internet. The majority of users still consists of kids who yell any opinion without thinking twice. The problem is that they get equal attention as experienced persons who can actually reflect. Just saying.


There might be a part II because these are just a few of the things hanging around in my mind.


let me know what you think




Edit: improvement to language. thanks to Renegade343!

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I find this thread and the ideas proposed most disagreeable. 

I have respect for that opinion. Though I have a huge bunch of people in my clan and alliance who totally agree. If you have spent e.g. 500 hours with Warframe, you should know what I am talking about.

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I am really sorry for not being a native English speaker, I try to learn constantly. if you have specific criticism, let me know so I can improve

This part, for instance: 


"Just like the point about clan research, DE is an extreme (pun intended) attitude against solo players, also concerning several mission types especially event operations. "


It should be 'DE has', not 'DE is'. Writing 'DE is' implies that DE itself is an extreme attitude against solo players (which is definitely not the case, as DE is a business). 


And just to make the sentence grammatically correct, rewrite it to: 


"Just like the point about clan research, along with several mission types such as event operation mission types, DE has shown an extreme attitude against solo players."

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haha, I see what you mean. I have an academic certificate for English but when it comes to reading my own text again, I don't spot the errors because I know what my text is supposed to say, right? I am aware it should be "has" instead of "is" - thanks anyways


the second suggestion is totally true, I miss some sophisticated expressions from time to time. I hope people understand what I am trying to say

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