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Frost Prime Re-Design


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First off - its not that whine type that "Omgz my frameh iz suu wik i canut du anytin" its just a suggestion, you can agree or not.


I would like to say that from every Prime versions, the Frost looks like normal one when his helmet is changed [ thats poor, most elegant frame looks still as the basic one]


to be honest he could use some re working as i mistaken a lot of them as normal one, then you see other primes you can say from the first 1 look that he is that different one.


i know it might sound weird, but he looks like non prime version with arcane type helmet [meh different textures dont work well]


What you guys think about it?

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I say add in more bling, the same goes for exca prime.

Excalibur Prime is perfect, especially after DE added more gold.


I think Frost Prime needs to have his (for lack of better term) skirt remade. It doesn't look elegant, like how the other Primes do to their non-Prime counterparts. I would suggest making it flatter and less rigid.

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It would be perfect if any of the Devs or mods could say if there are any plans about this.


if not... well we will have to make some loud topic with this eh?


One of them responded to me a couple months ago saying that they have no plans to revisit him. I can't find the post now though...


They rarely even reference his existence anymore. They seem to want to just ignore him altogether.

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