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Playing Breeding Grounds With Squishy Frames Is Such A Rush!


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So I've been doing this event with vauban and its the most fun i've had in awhile !

I literally had to use everything I'VE learned

To try and dodge everything, timing my skills


You learn how to react quickly, copter into an ancient or a gas/magnet cloud and you're down almost guaranteed


I highly recommend it! Maybe not nova cause that's boring but most squishy frames are fun

Vauban especially cause you can control mobs but are still in danger


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Nah Nova's still gotta put up a fight, plus her Wormhole comes in handy for quick escapes for your team.

This is the best event we've had so far IMO, definity getting a rush and I can't wait to play Hive missions when they're implemented! I wonder if they'll have a reward system like Rescue 2.0 or other newer/reworked mission types.

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