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Event Scoring Wtf ?!?!


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The reason your score is all over the place is probably because of the teammates you are playing with. Players who have less event missions done will actually bring YOUR mission score down due to THEIR low total missions done.


Edit: Might sound confusing at first lol

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Each mission you do increases difficulty(tbh i havent noticed much difference, except that i havent seen viral and magnetic clouds before 200 total) and game awards point for specific types of hives depending on difficulty.


When playing in group game takes average out of all players.


If you completely soloed it you will get highest tier reward at around 500 total

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there are 6 different hives and...

aww. hell, here:




basically it's a combination of aggregate score (total) + RNG in what hives spawn for you.

once your total score breaks 400 or so and the RNG decides to spawn the gas, magnetic, cold together in a match, you'll reach the 48 point goal.


edit: this assumes you're running solo. i got frustrated with groups early on in this event and just did it by myself.

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so i get to total 500 to get 48 on mission ? BULLS#&$ WORST SCORING POSSIBLE


as your "best" score goes up, it's accrued in your total. 

i did this solo and it took a whopping 25 or so runs to finish it.


compared to something like gradivus, this was cake.

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Why is it the worst? It reflects your "stink" Which apparenly is averaged between your team mates. Ew. Shared body odor.


I soloed BG at 1.3k and got 74 best score. People have been posting 100+ here and there probably because they didn't die like I did.


I like it because it's straightforward after a while. 

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